What we do

Armada enables growth through tailored and sustainable private debt solutions

We partner with private equity investors and ambitious management teams and deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns to our investors.

Our offering

We seek investment opportunities in both private equity and entrepreneur-owned companies. Armada is sector agnostic and focuses on growing, profitable and sustainable lower mid-market companies with enterprise values up to €150 million. Geographically, we invest in companies in the Nordic and DACH regions and, selectively, other countries in Northern Europe.

We offer a broad range of private debt solutions for buyouts, recapitalisations and growth investments encompassing senior debt, usually in combination with non-controlling equity co-investments. Every investment is made on a case-by-case basis with flexible structuring that caters for the specific capital need.

Our long-term partnership approach allows growth and business development during the investment period (5+ years) with non-amortising loans and committed facilities for M&A, rollouts and capex needs. Each opportunity is reviewed with a case-by-case approach and flexible structuring. We are committed to ensuring a fast and smooth execution process that can be closed within 2-3 months from first contact with a dedicated Armada deal team.

Investment criteria

  • Typical borrower is a sustainable, fast-growing and profitable company with a strong competitive edge
  • The borrower operates in a market which is supported by favourable long-term trends and fundamentals
  • The financing need is usually event-driven, e.g. buyout or growth, for example capex, M&A or rollout
  • €3-30 million ticket size in companies with an enterprise value of up to €150 million
  • We do not invest in sectors and companies demonstrating weak ESG-performance (e.g. distilled alcohol, tobacco, weapons or ammunition, casinos or gambling), real assets or investments with high country-risks

How you can apply for financing

Get in touch with the investment team. Please see our contact details.